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Our Story

Car Studio was founded in 1986 on the initiative of Dario Abrami, who, due to his experience in the design sector for over thirty years, was able to visualize and create Car Studio.

Car Studio is a family owned Company consisting of Dario Abrami and his sons who make up the Board of Directors.

Over the years Car Studio expanded rapidly and has approached new sectors, becoming one of the leading companies in the automotive and agricultural industries.

Today Car Studio boasts experience in many different areas while also being able to offer a high level of technical expertise, thanks to qualified collaborators and advanced systems.

Car Studio has expanded its business over the past years by adding new services in prototyping and RIM production, using the latest technologies seen on the market today.


Car Studio

Car Studio SNC is founded in Lissone
(MB), Italy


Headquarters, Italy

Carate Brianza
(MB), Italy


#1 Manufacturing Plant, Italy

(MB), Italy


Headquarters, United States

Car Studio North America, Inc.
Troy, Michigan
United States


#2 Manufacturing Plant, Italy

Mariano Comense
(CO), Italy


Sales Office, California

Car Studio North America, Inc.
San Diego, California
United States


Sales Office, Michigan

Car Studio North America, Inc.
Detroit, Michigan
United States


Sales Office, Illinois

Car Studio North America, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois
United States